A Comparative Evaluation of Fragment Dictionaries for the Compression of French, English and German Bibliographic Data Bases

  1. 1. Virginia L. Doucette

    Mathematics - St. Francis Xavier University

  2. 2. Karen M. Harrison

    Mathematics - St. Francis Xavier University

  3. 3. Ernst J. Schuegraf

    Mathematics - St. Francis Xavier University

Conference Info


ACH/ICCH - 1977

Hosted at University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Aug. 2, 1977 - Aug. 5, 1977

28 works by 47 authors indexed

Organized by the Ad-Hoc Committee that would become ACH. Entries here from published proceeding, which constitute about under a third of the 100+ papers presented at the event itself.

References: Computing in the Humanities, ed. S. Lusignan and J. North, University of Waterloo Press, 1977 (proceedings of the conference held in Waterloo, 1977).

Series: ACH/ICCH (3)

Organizers: ACH