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Although this site was built by those named above, it relies on the work of many others.

John Walsh (Indiana University) and John Unsworth (University of Virginia) began creating an infrastructure to collect DH conference abstracts as XML in around 2010. Sara Schmidt (University of Illinois) gathered and encoded these abstracts, with language assistance from Thomas Dousa, Maria Esteva, Kevin S. Hawkins, and Maki Miyake. Their efforts were funded by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and the University of Illinois. Later work on this team was undertaken by Richard Higgins (Indiana University). The site code and XML data is available in an ADHO GitHub repository.

Additional efforts to assemble conference metadata and abstracts were undertaken several years later by ADHO infrastructure committee chair Christoph Schöch. Schöch assembled DH2013 and DH2015-2018 on ADHO's GitHub page. Several of the team's paper copies of ADHO (and precursor) conference programs were made available from the extensive personal collections of Joseph Rudman.

The vast array of conferences featured on this site were collected on a collaborative spreadsheet created by Scott B. Weingart and Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara. Many people contributed details, including Alex Gil, Alexander Huber, Amanda Visconti, Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet, Anne Ladyem McDivitt, Brian Rosenblum, Carlos A. Martínez, Celeste Sharpe, Christoph Kudella, Colette Leung, Daniel Evans, Edward Vanhoutte, Geert Kessels, Heidi Tebbe, Hoyeol Kim, Jason B. Jones, Joris van Zundert, Kristen Mapes, Laura Braunstein, Laurel Stvan, Matt Lincoln, May Ning, Michael Hendry, Michael Piotrowski, Miguel Escobar Varela, Nadezhda Povroznik, Pim van Bree, Sander Verhaegh, Sharon Leon, Sheila Brennan, Trevor Owens, Tom Scheinfeldt, Trip Kirkpatrick, and Willem R. J. Vermeulen. Matthew Baron, Molly Ables, and Tao Neuendorffer tested the site before its initial release.

Thanks also must extend to the countless program committee members who organized DH and proto-DH conferences throughout the years, and published their proceedings in any form.

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