Indexing Hebrew Periodicals with the Aid of the FAMULUS Documentation System

  1. 1. Susan Hockey

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  2. 2. Alan Jones

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  3. 3. George Mandel

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ALLC/EADH - 1974

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

April 1, 1974 - April 5, 1974

31 works by 44 authors indexed

First official "ALLC" conference (ALLC was founded at a meeting in King's College in 1973) [Scott Weingart has index to program in paper form]

References: The Computer in Literary and Linguistic Studies, ed. A. Jones and R. F. Churchhouse, University of Wales Press, 1976 (proceedings of the conference held in Cardiff, 1974).

Series: ALLC/EADH (3)

Organizers: ALLC

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