French Connection: Spotlight on Discourse Organization in Spoken French

  1. 1. Nicole Delbecque

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ALLC/EADH - 1982

Pisa, Italy

June 7, 1982 - June 11, 1982

25 works by 32 authors indexed

Works based on published proceedings, which is an incomplete subset of the original conference program.

References: L. Cignoni and C. Peters (eds), 'Computers in Literary and Linguistic Research: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, Pisa 1982', Pisa: Giardini, 1983.

Attendance: More than two hundred participants, with 65 papers accepted and 54 of those presented.

Series: ALLC/EADH (7)

Organizers: ALLC

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  • Language: English
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