Literary Archives and TEI

multipaper session
  1. 1. David Chisholm

    University of Arizona

Child sessions
  1. Electronic Edition of the Midrash Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer: Creating an Encoding Manual, Lewis M. Barth
  2. Networking of Literary Archives (NOLA), David T. Barnard, Allan Janik, Donald Broady, Anders Burius, Lou Burnard, Heinz Hauffe, Claus Huitfeldt, Lars Johnsen, Richard M. de Peyer
  3. The Model Editions Partnership: Putting TEI Theory into Scholarly Practice, C.M. Sperberg-McQueen, David R. Chesnutt
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In review


Hosted at University of Bergen

Bergen, Norway

June 25, 1996 - June 29, 1996

147 works by 190 authors indexed

Scott Weingart has print abstract book that needs to be scanned; certain abstracts also available on dh-abstracts github page. (

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Series: ACH/ICCH (16), ALLC/EADH (23), ACH/ALLC (8)

Organizers: ACH, ALLC

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