Grammatical encoding systems

multipaper session
  1. 1. Hans van Halteren

    University of Nijmegen

Child sessions
  1. A Grammatical Coding and Analysis System for Language Data from Normal and Brain-Damaged Children, Susan Curtiss, Jeannette Schaeffer, Tetsuya Sano, Jeff MacSwan, Todd Masilon
  2. A Norwegian tagger and a corpus investigation, Janne Bondi Johannessen
  3. A Standard for Encoding Linguistic Corpora, Nancy Ide, Jean Veronis
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Hosted at University of Bergen

Bergen, Norway

June 25, 1996 - June 29, 1996

147 works by 190 authors indexed

Scott Weingart has print abstract book that needs to be scanned; certain abstracts also available on dh-abstracts github page. (

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Series: ACH/ICCH (16), ALLC/EADH (23), ACH/ALLC (8)

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