Multext-East: Multilingual resources for Central and Eastern European languages

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  1. 1. Nancy Ide

    Department of Computer Science - Vassar College

Child sessions
  1. Corpus Encoding Standard and its application to a parallel corpus of Orwell's 1984, Nancy Ide, Tomaz Erjavec
  2. Multext-East: Overview of the project, Ludmila Dmitrova, Tomaz Erjavec, Nancy Ide, Heiki-Jan Kaalep, Niki Petkevic, Dan Tufis
  3. The Multext-East corpus: Syntactic tagging and alignment, Heiki-Jan Kaalep
  4. The Multext-East lexicon, Niki Petkevic, Dan Tufis
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Summary of session: This session will describe the major results of the Multext-East project, an EU funded project under the Copernicus program, which had as its goal the creation of significant resources in six central and eastern european languages. The resource creation utilized tools, standards, and methodologies developed in the Multext project, thus providing for their validation and extension to accommodate the new languages. The session will provide an overview of the project, discussion of the development of lexical specifications for the languages, and a description of the comparable and parallel corpora developed by the project.

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July 5, 1998 - July 10, 1998

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