Lexicometric Analysis of co-occurrences

  1. 1. Annie Geffroy

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  2. 2. P. Lafon

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  3. 3. Gill Seidel

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  4. 4. M. Tournier

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ALLC/EADH - 1972
"Symposium on the Uses of Computers in Literary Research"

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

March 27, 1972 - March 30, 1972

33 works by 36 authors indexed

Works based on published proceedings, which is an incomplete subset of the original conference program.

References: The Computer and Literary Studies, ed. A. J. Aitken, R. W. Bailey and N. Hamilton-Smith, Edinburgh University Press, 1973 (proceedings of the conference held in Edinburgh, 1972).

Series: ALLC/EADH (2)

Organizers: ALLC

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  • Language: English
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