Reflections on Collaboration, Intersectionality, and Feminist Praxis in Networked Feminisms: Activist Assemblies and Digital Practices

  1. 1. Brianna I. Wiens

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  2. 2. Shana MacDonald

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  3. 3. Milena Radzikowska

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  4. 4. Michelle MacArthur

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CSDH/SCHN @ Congress - 2021
"Making the Net Work"

Hosted at University of Alberta

Alberta, Alberta, Canada

May 30, 2021 - June 2, 2021

64 works by 87 authors indexed

As of March 23rd, CSDH/SCHN withdrew from 2021 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in solidarity with the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA):

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Series: CSDH/SCHN @ Congress (7)

Organizers: CSDH/SCHN

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